Welcome to our new members and welcome back to our previousplayers how exciting to be seeing the kids on the court after this years disruptions.

To our new teams I hope things are settling down and into aroutine, please don’t forget there are many people to help if youfeel you need assistance whether it be coaching training drills or Team Manager advice our committee have been around for a fewyears and if we don?t have the expertise we can certainly findsomeone who does.

Competitions have commenced;
Grading has been completed for most competitions now let usknow if you have concerns about where you?ve landed and we arehappy to discuss an address where possible. Each competitionstadium has an acted the basketball Victoria mandates onvaccination requirements at this stage, we are lucky to only have afew teams affected by the 12.2+ vaccination rule that was broughtin last minute. Please be advised that you need to keep in touchwith your association and Stadium to monitor any changes thatmay come up in the future particularly with games sometimesbeing forfeited last minute due to isolation requirements. Theseare trying times but we should see the kids on the court a lot morethis season if we can do the right thing and keep everyone safe.

Training in the school gym;
Just a few housekeeping items and please I understand that noteverybody reads this so please pass it on to your teams, training hasrecommenced at Pearcedale Primary school in the gym, we are sofortunate to be provided this opportunity to show the school that wecan adhere to their guidelines and also look after the facilities. A rosterhas been prepared for two teams per week to train inside and arotation with alternate outside training. When training inside the gym ifyou are the last team to leave you need to make sure that the facilitiesare locked up! I know this seems like a big responsibility but it is part ofwhat we are given with the facilities and if you feel like you cannotcommit to this then please advise as we will need to reconsiderwhether your team are able to use the gym facilities. For details aboutlocking up I will discuss and send a message to individual coaches.Further at this stage and until further notice we would prefer a limitedamount of people inside the gym during training if the coach and oneother parent to assist can stay with the team and the rest can waitoutside until the end of the session to collect their children that wouldbe very much appreciated. Also please don’t forget to sign in using theQR codes as is becoming standard practice in our lives. Trainingequipment has been made available however we do have a shortageof size 5 balls and there is a set within the gym if your team require toborrow that each week, this equipment is paid for by the club and weare not for profit so please take care of the equipment we understandaccidents happen but if we can work out an honesty system it willbenefit everybodys fees in the future.

Updates from Casey;
Dave is the founder of Sport and life Training (SALT) presentedto the Casey domestic meeting this week.He is representing Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundationspreading the word about the problems of gambling and lookingfor clubs to sign up to the charter for sporting clubs not topromote gambling in anyway and instead promote “Love the game ” not the odds” Clubs who did not sign up at the meeting ca do so here –

Some alarming stats – 1/3rd of gamblers are men aged 18 to 24,50% increase in betting over the last 5 years.

Casey also discussed about the issues around leniency withUnder 8 refereeing meaning kids learn bad habits early on whichare harder to break when they?ve played that way for a fewseasons. This is being addressed and brought to the attention ofthe head ref who will start to implement some changes in thisregard, so be aware the kids may get pulled up for more but it?sfor long term gain and the refs should always explain clearlytheir decisions to help the kids understand. The ruling has beendecided that Ideally refs should be able to give those beginnersstruggling extra leeway, whilst being mores strict on the capableplayers.

Across all associations Covid has affected us in different ways one of themain ways you will notice is new referees being trained so many were lostdue to the nature of the work over this extended lockdown period and sonew referees are being trained in many facilities which is putting a lot ofstrain and pressure.

Please be kind and considerate most of these are youngchildren and your own may be in that position one-day however if there areconcerns please contact us and we will discuss it with the associations youcan email me at

This also goes for any concerns you have about opposing teams or generalbehaviour during games training etc please feel your voice will be heard andwe will act wherever possible to ensure our bylaws are adhered to for thesafety of all our members.

End of season presentation/trophies and medallions from winter;
We hope each team from last season has been able to find time to hand outtrophies and medallions as they see fit, we will be arranging an end of seasonfunction for the summer season and hope to include photos as well as awhole club awards and a of course subject to restrictions at the time butwatch this space and please let us know if you have any suggestions that youwould like to incorporate to celebrate a wonderful club and kids.

If you require any of our by laws or other information including a link tofixtures etc please check out our new website, is has so many helpful bits ofinformation to assist you through the season, and a few awesome team picsso check it out!We wish you all a fantastic season ahead, and don?t forget you don?t have towin for everyone to have fun.